Target – What is Cartwheel?

Cartwheel is a Target app that is full of “percent-off” coupons, usually 5-20% off products. Browse Cartwheel offers and add up to 40 offers to your list at at time. (TIP: The more you use Cartwheel, the more offers you’ll be able to add!)

When you’re ready to purchase your items, click ‘checkout’ in the app and show your Cartwheel app to the cashier. The cashier will scan the bar code on your phone. One scan of your Cartwheel bar code will automatically deduct all of the discounts at once.

Cartwheel limits. Each Cartwheel offer will automatically redeem, up to four times. Meaning, if you add a 10% off Vitaminwater Cartwheel offer to your list, and you buy five bottles of Vitaminwater, when your cashier scans your Cartwheel bar code, you will receive 10% off the first four bottles you purchased, but not the fifth.

Cartwheel offers can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon, a Target coupon, as well as your Target REDcard! AND Cartwheel offers don’t interfere with gift card promotions!

Use a Cartwheel offer up to six times per day. Buy four Vitaminwaters in one transaction, scan the Cartwheel bar code, pay, and then buy four more in a separate transaction. Repeat up to six times.

Cartwheel updates. Cartwheel offers update in the very early hours on Sunday mornings. Each offer will last one week, with some offers lasting up to four weeks.

Percent-off Cartwheel offers. A Cartwheel like 20% off GoodNites is a store discount. It can be stacked with manufacturer coupons AND store coupons.

Single use, cents-off Cartwheel offers. A Cartwheel like $2.00 off Pull-Ups & GoodNites is actually a manufacturer coupon.

You may stack a percent-off Cartwheel with a cents-off Cartwheel. But, if you attempt to use a cents-off Cartwheel offer with another paper manufacturer coupon on one item, the register will reject it as if you handed in two paper coupons for one product.

In what order do I submit my Cartwheel barcode? Before or after coupons?

Have the cashier scan your Cartwheel barcode after you’ve handed over all your coupons. Most cashiers already know to do this, but just in case.

Keep in mind that when using Cartwheel with other coupons, the Cartwheel discount comes off after Target store coupons have been applied and before manufacturer coupons.


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