Rite Aid – Clearance Events!

You may have read about how you can combine Plenti, store, and manufacturer coupons at Rite Aid to maximize your savings.  What if you could save even more?  Because Rite Aid, like any retail store, looks to add new products to keep their merchandise up to date, clearance events happen almost weekly where some items … Continue reading Rite Aid – Clearance Events!


Saving at Rite Aid – Manufacturer Coupons

Rite-Aid, while at first may seem expensive on many products, utilizing their rewards program, (Plenti) along with manufacturer coupons, and clearance events makes Rite-Aid one of my favorite places to look for deals. First Thing First - Sign up for Plenti! Signing up for the Rite Aid Wellness Card enables you to earn points for different … Continue reading Saving at Rite Aid – Manufacturer Coupons

Plenti – What is it?

Plenti is a rewards program that allows you to earn points at one place and use them at another, all with one card. Earn points at Macy's, AT&T,  ExxonMobil,  Nationwide, and Rite Aid. You can sign up for a Plenti card in a variety of places, my premiere choice being RiteAid.  With Plenti you can redeem your … Continue reading Plenti – What is it?